10/02 - Autumn Skin

With autumn in full effect, it's time we talk about transitioning to seasonal skincare.

Our fav spooky season comes around like clockwork, and the moisture in the summer air (in most locations that experience autumn) has likely come and gone.. Thus, bringing cool, stale air around to make our faces feel drier than the dead leaves falling.

Now that the temps around us are much colder, we tend to crank up the shower water and thermostats for a sense of balance. (I personally like my showers to feel like Hell-water, but to each their own.) Little do we know, this excess heat is dehydrating to our delicate skin without proper care. Although it doesn’t feel like it, we sweat a lot in a hot shower and need to re-hydrate inside and out immediately after.

Once our skin is dehydrated, the protective barrier layer we all naturally have becomes easily compromised by bacteria and free-radicals. Which is NOT ideal in such a sensitive, pandemic ridden, flu symptom kind of season. Not to mention other symptoms such as tightness, flakiness and premature aging.

Drink your water and lotion, lotion, LOTION! Try opting for luke-warm water on your face, a thicker moisturizer and a solid skincare routine to ensure that beautiful face is covered!

P.S. One of my skincare fall-favorites is getting a pumpkin facial! Look it up, you'll love me.

Thanks for reading! xoxo


10/01 - Preserving Pumpkins

Hello Darlings,

Fall is here and now that we’re officially in October - we wanted to provide some blogs on day-to-day topics and questions. From skincare, to home and more – we can’t wait to continue creating with you.

Today, our topic is preserving pumpkins! Whether they’re pure décor or being carved, it’s a nuisance buying pumpkins in the beginning of the season and not having them last. Here are some tips on keeping them looking fabulous this autumn.

A trick that we’ve recently learned about is soaking the pumpkins in 1-part bleach to 10-parts water. This will kill any bacteria growing on the pumpkin and keep it from rotting so soon!

For my ladies who plan on giving their pumpkins to wildlife afterwards, please skip this! You may omit the bleach, just know that the preservation effects will not be as significant.

Another way (my preference) to preserve these beautiful gourds, is to brush vinegar and lemon juice on the outside of the pumpkins. 1 tsp. lemon and 2 tbs. vinegar to 1 qt. water should do the trick.

If you want to preserve the insides and carved areas and keep them from turning brown/changing shape so soon, you may rub petroleum jelly in those areas. If petroleum isn’t a choice idea, try veggie oil!

Also, did you know real candles (heat) shorten the life span of the pumpkin? Try opting for battery operated tealight candles to light up your masterpiece.

Thank you for reading. Happy Fall! xoxo